Beauty and the Beast Movie

BelleHermioneI know it’s been a while since the Beauty and the Beast movie had come out. I watched it the other night and it was awesome.

Beauty and Beast isn’t like the other movies I watch. It reminds me of a mix of a Broadway show and an opera. Most kids don’t like that stuff (probably because it is boring and weird). But Beauty and the Beast is that. Except different…

Another thing I like about it is Emma Watson. She is so pretty. (Even though I liked her better as Hermione). It just seems so casual for me to see Emma Watson playing Belle. (Is that weird? Yea, probably is.)

So what I’m trying to say after all these paragraphs is that Beauty and the Beast is an awesome movie if you hadn’t seen it. If you have seen it I hope you liked it.


April Fools Day P•R•A•N•K•S



So, it is pretty obvious that today is April Fools day. I made this post to give you some pranking ideas. (Reminder: TRUST NO ONE)

Prank #1:

So while your victim is not looking, squirt lotion on their doorknob. Then, when they try to open the door their hands will slip and the won’t be able to open it. (Squirt extra lotion on it just in case.)

Prank #2:

For this prank you just take clear nail polish and paint it around the bar of soap in the shower. when they try to use it they won’t get soap.

Prank #3:

Take Oreos and a bottle of edible toothpaste (you don’t want to harm your victim) and scoop out the cream in the Oreos. Then, squirt toothpaste inside the Oreo.

Happy April Fools Day!